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What you need to know

We will find you test cancellations at up to 10 different test centres of your choice. We’ll bring your test forward by an average of 68 days to save you money, hassle, and time! We search for tests thousands of times every day, so you don’t have to! Don’t like the dates we send you? No Problem! We will carry on searching until you are 100% satisfied!


Easy to Use

Our system is easy! Fill out the form, we search for driving test cancellations, we text, you accept, we book! It's as easy as that to get a new date! We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our service.


Search Every Few Minutes

Our server is running 24/7 to find new dates for you and thousands of other happy customers using Driving Test Cancellations. By Searching every few minutes we guarantee to get you driving test cancellations.


100% Free Trial

We offer a free trial to give you every confidence in our excellent services! It doesn't get much better than that! We hope you like it as much as we do! Sign up to find driving test cancellations at the bottom of the page.


Save Money

Driving Test Cancellations saves you money by moving your test date much earlier than your date might be currently booked for. We can move your test by days, weeks or month in advance. Saving you money on driving lessons!


Automatic Reservation

We reserve your driving test cancellations by using our text to book system. We text you a date if it suits you, just text 'book' and we'll book it for you. Simple!