How it Works


How it Works

This page provides a step-by-step guide on how to receive your practical test dates.

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Receive Cancellations

You will receive a confirmation email congratulating you on joining after signing up. We will right away begin looking all over DVSA database for prior dates. You will receive an SMS and email notification with the test's time and date once you locate one. After you click "book," we will reserve this time slot for you for 30 minutes and guarantee that we will be able to book it for you automatically.


Multiple Test Centres

With Rapid Book Test you can increase your chances by choosing 2 addition test centres besides your default centre. When we send you notification, we will advise you which test centre we have found a test for. If you just prefer one test centre then you only select one.


Auto Booking

When you sign up, you have an option to choose auto book option. With auto book, you will not miss any date we find. If it sounds good, then make sure you select it when you sign up.


Looking for practical test?

We'll bring your test forward by an average of 72 days to save you money, hassle and time.