Term Conditions

Rapid Book Test Terms and Conditions

Rapid Book Test is registered under Rapidbooktest LTD. Rapid Book Test finds earlier driving test slots for its customers and customers will be bound by the following terms. These terms and conditions are set out to give our customers the very best experience and overall chance of finding an earlier test.

  • Rapid Book Test does not have any affiliation or association with the DVLA. We exist purely to find test cancellations for our clients.
  • By agreeing to give us your driving licence number, you give your permission for us to access your current driving test booking in order to find earlier test dates.
  • Clients must not use any other test cancellation services at the same time as using Rapid Book Test. The DVLA caps the number of searches that can take place each hour and therefore we will not be able to find earlier tests. For this same reason, users of our service must not actively search for new test dates themselves as this will affect our ability to search greatly.
  • It is the customersā€™ responsibility to reply to any SMS/ text messages promptly to ensure the maximum possible chance of changing the test dates.
  • All clients must have a current test booking and cannot take responsibility for failure of service due to this issue. Customers without test bookings are not subject to our money back guarantee.
  • It is the clientsā€™ responsibility to make sure all information is entered correctly when signing up to our service. Customers who provide incorrect data are exempt from our money back guarantee.
  • We cannot take responsibility for any test changes carried out by the DVLA directly.
  • As per our privacy policy, by signing up to our services you are giving us permission to send you new test dates to your mobile phone number.
  • We cannot take responsibility if you book a non-refundable (3 working days between the current date and the test date selected, for example todayā€™s date, 1st, new test date the 3rd, as within three days of the current date this would be a non-refundable date and unable to make further changes to that test booking) test through us and then decide to cancel. We can also not take any responsibility for booking non-refundable dates through our ā€˜autobookā€™ service.
  • All legal disputes related to card processing are handled under (country of incorporation) Law.
  • If your driving test cancellation we changed was cancelled due to bad weather, you are entitled to continue this service. Evidence from DVSA will be required.
  • If the DVSA has to cancel tests for other reasons, for example, if the examiner is unwell, evidence will be required and you will be entitled to continue this service.

Refund Policy

  • Once a driving test cancellation has been replied to via SMS or email, a refund will not be applicable.
  • If any product has been supplied and you wish to be refunded these must be returned in acceptable condition and under the customer own cost. Full refund will not be sent until proof of postage has been confirmed.
  • No other cancellation company can be used in conjunction of Rapid Book Test to find driving test cancellations.
  • Once a driving test cancellation has been completed you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • All refund requests can be sent to info@rapidbooktest.com

Cancellation policy

Cancellations made before a driving test cancellation has been sent are entitled to a refund only if 10 days have lapsed since signing up. Request sent before this time will be required to email info@rapidbooktest.com and a subject to the refund policy.

Cancellation request will not be accepted once a driving test cancellation has been confirmed by the customer.

Cancellations request are to be sent to info@rapidbooktest.com

Return Policy

We accept return of our products within 10 days. All return requests should be made in writing to info@rapidbooktest.com

It is the userā€™s responsibility to make sure the product is returned in good condition. We recommend using a tracked service when returning items.

If your product has not yet shipped, you can cancel your purchase within 10 days. Please see our cancellation policy for details.


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at info@rapidbooktest.com